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Buddy groups are a great way to engage in the beauty of the incredible diversity the University of Gothenburg offers to international students. The new international students are grouped together with a buddy leader forming a group with a blend of culture and diversity focusing on certain common interests.

A Buddy Fadder here is someone who has finished at least 6 months of studies at the University of Gothenburg and has volunteered to help new students. We are very proud of our buddy fadders who are kind and helpful. They provide a helping hand to the new students in their buddy group by answering the smallest of the questions and engaging at the same time in the social activities to meet and make friends from different countries!

NOTICE: We can only accept students who fall under the purview of the Göta Students' Union. You must be an international student at the faculties of social sciences, art/humanities, educational sciences, IT, and natural sciences of the University of Gothenburg. If you are a student in Chalmers, the School of Business, Economics, and Law (IntU), or the Sahlgrenska Academy (Intet), they have their own international student group. However, you can still take part in our other activities though!

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