City Challenge



If you are a current student at the University of Gothenburg (and not an incoming new international student) and you would like to be a part of this exceptionally diverse and international environment in Gothenburg, please apply to be a board member. As a member of GIC, you are free to allocate as much time as you are willing to as this is completely voluntary.

The positions available are:

- Chair (in charge of the relations with Göta Studentkår and coordinator of the board)

- Vice Chair (assisting the Chair in their role)

- Treasurer

- Committee Officers

Events are usually organised by a project group composed of one or more committee members. Each committee member should be responsible for at least one event during each semester.


In addition, you can have additional roles (committee officer), such as:

- Social Media Officer

- Manager for Partnership with Timetravels

- Buddy Group Manager


Due to the nature of GIC, you can take part for one semester or one full year. The application for committee officers will open twice a year, in spring for the Autumn semester and in autumn for the Spring semester.


For a more personal contact with international students, there is also the opportunity to be a buddy leader for a group of new students. This way, you get to have your own group of buddies, where as a buddy group leader you help your group in getting to know each other, organize activities with the group and answer queries of your buddies.

The only requirement is that you have been a student at the University for at least 6 months.

As a Buddy Leader, you will be responsible for 10-20 students and you can dedicate as little or as much time as you want, as long as you do meet your buddy group. If you want, you will also get the chance to join a GIC trip (with Timetravels) as representative.

Applications to be a buddy leader open in late spring/early summer for the Autumn semester and late autumn for the Spring semester. If you want to be a buddy leader and the semester has just started, don't hesitate and get in touch with us as we always need more buddy leaders.