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  • What are the GIC Mix & Mingle activities and why should I join?


GIC has planned several activities with the purpose of assisting incoming students to find their way around the city and to bring everyone (newcomers and students from the previous semester) together. Mingling season is officially open and GIC is here to make it happen! Please follow the Calendar for more information on events.

  • When will it happen and where can I follow GIC planned activities ?


Most of the activities will happen in September, when everyone still seem to be a little bit lost and in need of a helping hand. Spontaneous events are sure to happen, so stay tuned! You can follow GIC events by importing the "Event Calendar" on this website. We will also announce all our activities in our Facebook page and group, and Instagram account, so make sure you are following us there.


  • I’ve been mingling for some time but did not find people with same interests as me, how can I find them?


Gothenburg has an array of activities to try out and offers a huge possibility for you all to pursue your interests and passions and we know that especially the international students love to have that as a part of their experience in Gothenburg! So GIC has a history of creating groups of interest for a particular interest or type of activity. Before joining, please read the group descriptions to understand the policies and the scope of the group. Join a particular group only if you are interested in active participation and feel free to take initiative and propose activities from your side on the respective groups. Bear in mind that these groups are purely interest based, any sort of marketing or profit-based promotion is prohibited. If you would like to share the admin rights to the group and organize events for the group members, please do so by messaging the original Admin of the group! They will be happy to do so!

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