• Where and how can I get my student card?

The GU student card is a multi-functional card that serves as access card, library card and for printing. You can order it and collect it at a Service Center close to you. You can order it by following the steps indicated in the University of Gothenburg's webpage here (for exchange students) and here (for free movers).


  • What are the deals and discounts for students in Gothenburg?

There is a range of discounts and student offers available here, through student cards or in general (local). Common student cards are Mecenat or Studentkortet. With these cards you get access to several discounts in clothing, mobile, food, books, beauty and so on. Good to use are, for example, also travel discounts with SJ (Swedish Railways), Västtrafik and Flixbus. Besides, many of the University's student unions work actively to offer discounts to their members.


  • How can I register for Mecenat discounts?

Once you've been registered for courses at the University, the student union will forward that information together with your University e-mail address to Mecenat. All unions send a list with all registered students to Mecenat, who then send activations details to everyone. Please note that you do not have to be a member of a student union for this. Mecenat will then send you the activation and login details by e-mail to your University e-mail address. That can take time, however, from a few days to more than a week. The e-mail will contain activation details (for activating your online student discounts as well as for activating the Mecenat smartphone app that will function as student ID on trams and buses in Gothenburg).


To obtain an electronic version of Mecenat Card you should visit the Göta Studentkår office Götabergsgatan 17. Take your temporary civic number/personal number with you and they will email you the Student ID which you can use to register on Mecenat App or the Website. You can also get this electronic version of the Student ID by emailing Göta Studentkår ( your details of the civic number, address and they will email you back within two working days.


  • I would like to learn Swedish during my stay in Gothenburg. Does the university offer any course?

The University of Gothenburg offers courses free of charge to incoming students who are enrolled in a study programme or individual courses at the University. You can learn more about it here. If you want to start learning before coming to Sweden so you can go for a fika and impress your new friends with your Swedish skills, you can check the Swedish Institute's Learning Swedish here.


  • I'm having problems with the registration for some courses, how should I proceed?

A) Activation of the Student Account

If you have a Swedish personal identity number and login information to or EduID, you can activate your student account through the following link:


If you do not have a Swedish Personal Number (which is more common in your case) you cannot activate the account yourself, even if you have an account on Universityadmissions. You will be able to activate the Student Account only by visiting one of the Service Centres at the University.

B) Registration of Courses


Your respective department will inform you about the registration procedures and the dates you will be able to do that. To be able to register online you need an active student account, which can be done as said above. Please remember to check your spam folder to ensure that you do not miss important information from the university. If you have further questions about your registration you need to contact the department.

You will also receive all the relevant information on the days organised by the University i.e. Welcome Day, the Fair and Information Day.

Do not hesitate in contacting your faculty's department or course coordinator, or even the University. They are the ones better suited to assist you in registering or explaining which steps you should take.