As a new International Student arriving to Gothenburg, we at GIC know how tedious it can be to obtain all the necessary information and integrate yourself in this international environment. Our main purpose is to give you a smooth and memorable start with your new experience at the university and your journey in Gothenburg. We will make sure that you get all the information you need and provide you with the opportunity to make new friends here, even before the start of the semester and gather a lot of special memories throughout the semester!


As a first step, we feel that is highly recommended to be a part of a Buddy Group. Read more about Buddy Groups here.

You can apply to be part of a buddy group through a dedicated form before and up until the beginning of the semester.

You will receive an email with your group (sometime in the beginning of August or earlier for the Autumn semester and in late December/early January for the Spring semester). You will be contacted by your Student Buddy soon after. We strongly recommend you to register for a Student Buddy as soon as possible. It takes a while to assign the students to the right group based on the diversity of culture and interests. So please be patient :)

Please note that many students from around the world travel to Gothenburg at the start of each term, and it is therefore not always possible for us to offer a buddy to everyone who signs up for one. If the Groups are full and we lack buddy leaders, we might put you in a group without a buddy leader until we can find you one.

We'd like to welcome you to join our Facebook group for new and currently studying International (and Swedish) students who are part of Göta Student Union and Göta International Commitee. It's a perfect place where you can post your queries, no matter, how small they are and at the same time get acquainted with new faces.

Our events and activities include parties, language cafes, sports events, international potluck dinners, excursions/trips and much more. As an International Student at the University of Gothenburg, all of these events will be open to you. Be sure to read the event descriptions thoroughly as some events have a limited number of seats and require that you sign up in advance. We will market all our events in our Facebook group and Facebook Page, so make sure you join this!


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