• I'm staying in a SGS accommodation and don't know how I can get my keys?

All new exchange students need to collect the keys to their student room at the beginning of the semester. The earliest date to collect the keys is the first arrival day. If you're arriving on any other day than the arrival days, you can collect your keys at the local SGS area office for your residence. If you're arriving outside SGS hours please contact GIC or your Buddy leader to collect your keys at the SGS office in advance on your behalf. We will be glad to help!

Degree-seeking students (students who are not here via an exchange agreement) are asked to arrange their own accommodation. There are a number of options when it comes to finding a place to stay. As there is a high demand for accommodation, especially in the beginning of the autumn term, you need to be flexible and consider various accommodation alternatives.

For more information regarding accommodation, check the GU's section here (for exchange students) and here (for free movers).


  • Is there any other way of finding accommodation in Gothenburg?

Accommodation is an everlasting issue in Gothenburg and all we can do from our side is to provide you as much information as we can and do as much as it is in our control!

You might know that you can look for apartments on Blocket! But there is another way, where you can post an Ad on Blocket advertising yourself as a prospective tenant! Sometimes, the landlords don't want to post ads about their apartments but rather look for tenant advertisements on Blocket instead. You can check here how to post an ad on Blocket.